22 Jun

During my childhood years, I would imitate news reporters, hosts I see on television. I was imagining myself delivering those spiels. 

So then I went on taking up Development Communication, major in Community Broadcasting in college to learn more about using my voice better. 

I also ended up working in an office where my verbal communication skills are often used. But as someone who have always dreamt of being the likes of Bianca Gonzalez who's a very good host during the 2000s, I want to experience what it would be like that. 

Seven years working in the government and I feel like there's something MORE that I CAN do. 

I then signed up for the Voice Act Now batch 3 course of the CreatiVoices Productions. The first Saturday was a fun session as we had voice exercises and some of our batchmates tried recording in the super nice booth of CreatiVoices Productions. 

But Covid-19 came and the training was put on hold. We got a message from one of the organizers that it would be converted to a webinar. I was adamant about it at first since I was aiming for the full experience of this training. It worked out okay though. 

Our first session focused on mind-setting and finding our 'WHYs.' It was a good motivation as we go along with the training, to discover within ourselves what we were there for and what we want to achieve after our training. 

I guess all of us dreams of dubbing anime show, or being the voice behind the famous brands. 

My major takeaway from this day is to work on achieving your dreams RIGHT NOW. 

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