29 Jun

My second week in the Creative Voice Artist Program (CVAP) was all about finding our niche. The lesson got me thinking what type of voice artist I aspire to be, or what I'm currently good at. Finding our core competency definitely helps us stand out more and gives identity among other voice artists. Most importantly, this helps us identify our target market. 

I initially thought that as a voice artist, you are expected do be able to do everything: PSAs, dubbing, AVP and voice overs. But it was the other way around. We should just bank on one particular skill, gain experience and exposure and expand later. 

The question now is, how do we find our niche or what I'm good at? I guess for now, it's better to try doing various types and self-assess which I sound better in. It would also help to ask feedback from my groupmates. 

Excited to learn what's in store for us in Day 3 of the CVAP. 

Photo Credit: HuffPost.com 

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