14 Jul

As a culmination of the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP), Sir Choy taught us all about the tools of the trade that we would be needing. There were A LOT. A good microphone is one. Sir Choy said we would also need headphones to get a good feel of our recordings and be able to take note of any background noise. 

With the new normal that we are in now, they are requiring us to invest in quality equipment, most importantly in a good microphone. According to Sir Choy, we need to be able to make our recordings right from our homes. Therefore, we should have the right tools to produce good results, aside from our voices of course. 

I thought I would be able to survive this course without a microphone. But after week 1 session, there were a lot of assignments and sample recordings that needs to be complied with. I couldn't produce a 'decent' recording with just my phone. So I ordered online. And it took a looong time. But I didnt regret that decision. 

So, take it from my experience and invest in a good microphone. They will be guiding you on what brands to consider so you just need the resources to get it. 

As the training came to a close, I couldnt be more grateful for the new community I am in. I have found some great people in the batch and I wish to see them after all these goes away. 

Til then, 

The Mezzo Voice 

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